The Dangers of Heat Stress for Dogs

March 05, 2018

Dogs are like family. We travel with them, they have personalities, and they rely on us for their well being. As a dog lover myself, there is nothing more that I want, then for my dog to live the best life possible. That includes being active and enjoying time with me in the summer.

We certainly feel the effects from heat, and so do dogs.  But dogs don’t have the luxury of sweating from their skin like we do. Instead, they can only sweat from their paws and nose leaving them at a disadvantage when it comes to being active in the heat. Yet, if you’re a dog lover like me, you want to have your dog by your side on a breathtaking hike.  

If your hike happens to be a hot day your dog could be at risk for heat stress. By running and playing in hot weather, a dog's internal temperature will rise. If the dogs internal temperature hits 104°F, the dogs cooling mechanism then stops working. Heat stress can set in which creates a world of dangers for your dog. Dr. Jason Nicholas, the Chief Officer of Preventive Vet, warns the symptoms could be neurological or circulatory system shut down.

We know when we are feeling like we might be overheating and can figure out how to cool ourselves down. But our dogs rely on us to read those signs to keep them safe. Heat Stroke In Dogs: What is it and when does it happen?, by Dr. Jason Nicholas, discusses the dangers of heat stress and the importance to recognize these signs:

If your dog is experiencing any of these signs or symptoms in the heat, call your veterinarian right away.  By knowing and responding appropriately to the signs and symptoms of canine heat stress, your will help to keep your dog safe and comfortable.  

Prevention is actually the key. You could save your dog's life by being proactive and protecting them from the heat from the start.

For safe and comfortable solutions to avoid heat stress, check out for effective solutions. Some include the Cooling Vest and Collar, Hydro Cooling Mat, Pup-Up Shade Oasis, and Freezable Bowls. All products stress either Cooling, Shade, or Hydration, three very important aspects of keeping your dog safe from the summer heat.

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Author: CoolerDog Team

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