Frequently Asked Questions


Why use water?

We use water instead of any other material because it is efficient, safe, clean, green, and inexpensive. We don’t use chemicals, animal fats, or oils (vegetable or petroleum based) because they are less efficient at absorbing heat than the alternative.

How long will the Cooling Vest & Collar be effective?

Depending on the heat and humidity, the Cooling Vest & Collar will be effective for about 30-45 minutes. However, the package comes standard with an extra set of ice panels for further cooling.

How long will the Hydro Cooling Mat be effective?

Depending on heat and humidity, the Hydro Cooling Mat will be effective for up to 4 hours.

How do I know which size of each product will fit my dog best?

We have sizing charts available for the Cooling Vest & Collar, Hydro Cooling Mat, and Pup-up Shade Oasis on and Amazon.

How does the triple action filter of the pet fountain clean water?

A sponge removes food, hair, and other small debris. Active carbon removes odors and chemicals from the tap water. Ion exchange resin softens the water and helps extend the life of the pump.

Will the Cooling Vest & Collar restrict my Dog’s activity?

No. The Cooling Vest & Collar uses Velcro straps to adjust perfectly to the size of your dog at the neck and chest and an elastic straps connect the two together, ensuring your dog stays comfortable at all times.


Why Use FlexiFreeze?

FlexiFreeze is made right here in the USA using scientifically formulated film filled with 100% pure WATER.  Why WATER?  Because frozen WATER is exponentially more effective than gel at absorbing heat as it thaws.  We use WATER because it just works better. 

How our Cooling Vests Work

This veterinarian approved, DRY Cooling Vest/Collar uses the power of pure WATER FlexiFreeze® to help prevent canine heat stress.  Strategically placed FlexiFreeze® is more effective than alternatives. (American made!)  NOT an evaporative vest. (which can be unsafe)  All Velcro closures, no difficult pinch buckles and machine washable.   Veterinarians agree...warm weather and activity can overwhelm a dog quickly!  And WE are responsible for keeping our dogs safe from HEAT STRESS. 

How our Hydro Cooling Mats Work

The Hydro Cooling Mat uses the heat absorbing power of thawing ice to help keep dogs safe and comfortable. The Hydro Cooling Mat has a durable, machine-washable outer shell that has three inner pockets. Each pocket holds a component which performs a specific, key function.

The top layer is a waterbed cushion. By itself, the waterbed cushion doesn’t have tremendous heat absorption capability. Its functions in this application are to provide a soft, comfortable barrier between the ice and the dog while distributing the heat absorption capacity of the ice evenly throughout the Hydro Cooling Mat.

The middle layer is a FlexiFreeze® Ice sheet. It is the cooling engine of the Hydro Cooling Mat. The FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet contains 88 completely sealed ice cubes made with pure water. That’s the equivalent of nearly 8 trays of ice. We use water because frozen water absorbs more heat, as it thaws, than any other material known to mankind. Since dogs cool off from their feet and bellies, it is important that they have a cool surface upon which to lie down.

The bottom layer is thick closed-cell foam insulation. The purpose of the insulating layer is to prevent the heat from the warm floor from thawing the FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet more quickly. The insulation helps keep the work being done by the thawing ice focused towards helping draw heat off of the dog’s body through its belly and feet.