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The CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar cools dogs on the underside of their belly and neck (where veterinarians find cooling to be effective). When used appropriately the vest is safe and durable for dogs by using 100% USA water in the FlexiFreeze Ice and rip-stop nylon for materials. Built out of love for dogs, this cooling vest is ready to keep your dog SAFE and COMFORTABLE on your next adventure.

- Can help to prevent canine heat stress
- No-pinch buckles to ensure comfort of the dog (and you!)
- Made from durable ripstop nylon
- Worry free FlexiFreeze Ice is filled with 100% USA water to keep your dog safe and cool
- Lightweight for peak  comfort and effectiveness
- 3 easy steps to secure the vest on your dog
- Perfect for trips and traveling in the heat
- Small to pack away, easy to put on, durable for your dog

Washing Instructions
- Remove FlexiFreeze Ice
- Machine wash vest and collar, hang to dry
- Wash FlexiFreeze Ice with soapy water, rinse and pat dry
- Do not bleach, iron or dry clean


1 - Cooling Vest 
1 - Cooling Collar
2 - Sets of FlexiFreeze Ice


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Sizing chart for CoolerDog vest, extra large section highlighted

Fitment Guide

From dogs size XL to Small, the CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar is designed to fit all.

Easy on and Off

(1) Once the vest and collar are loaded with frozen ice strips, simply place the vest on the dog as close to the front legs as possible, with the ice under the belly. Mate the velcro surfaces on top (the elastic strap goes to the front of the dog).

(2) Place the collar on the dog in the same manner (buckle should be toward the floor).

(3)Finally, connect the vest to the collar via the elastic strap.

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How long will the ice last?

Each set of Flexifreeze ice will last about 30-45 minutes. Factors that will affect this time are ambient air temperature, size of dog, and the dog's activity level. As long as there is a small sliver of ice in the cubes, it is still working to pull excess heat from the dog's body. Once the cubes are completely melted remove the vest from the dog and swap in another frozen set.