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Helping keep dogs safer and more comfortable.

We love our dogs. They are members of our families. We develop important and meaningful relationships with our dogs and enjoy including them in our family activities. But when the weather warms up or when the activities get more energetic, our furry family members can quickly get overheated! Unfortunately, until now there haven’t been effective or appropriate solutions for cooling off our dogs.

At CoolerDog, our passion is designing and making cooling products that work really well, are comfortable for dogs, while being convenient and affordable for you. As cooling professionals, we understand that the three best methods of protecting a dog from the heat are; Physical Cooling, Hydration and Shade. All CoolerDog items are focused upon these three methods. Order some today and help your dog be a CoolerDog!

At CoolerDog, our mission is simple; we help keep dogs safer and more comfortable in the heat.