Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dog Active

June 26, 2019

Even though so many of us view our dogs as true members of the family, it’s easy to forget they are natural hunters who instinctively need to roam, chase, run and be active.

While properly exercising your dog can feel like a chore at times, especially in extreme heat or cold, it’s vital to the overall well being of your four-legged friends to ensure they remain active.

Here are several reasons why daily exercise is a critical component of a healthy dog’s life.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Veterinarians say between 20 to 40 percent of the dogs they treat are overweight, and many are considered clinically obese. Obesity causes a host of issues for dogs, such as increasing risk of some cancers, placing a burden on joints, depression, decreasing stamina and cardiac problems, just to name a few. Making sure your dog is active keeps them healthy and agile, while maintaining a healthy weight.

Overall good health

Active dogs experience far fewer digestive problems and are less susceptible to urinary infections, as well as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. Exercise reduces stress and gives your dog a good night’s rest. Dogs with insomnia are recommended to do more exercise.

Minimizing unwanted behavior

While dogs enjoy chewing and digging, they do these activities thanks to boredom and too much pent-up energy. If a dog's energy is focused on exercise, they won’t be so eager to chew up your new pair of shoes or dig up your freshly mowed lawn. Additionally, dogs who perform daily exercise bark less and will not be hyperactive.

Slowing the aging process

Getting old is a part of life. However, keeping aging dogs physically active and mentally stimulated helps ward off certain age-related afflictions.

Exercise = Bonding

What better workout partner than the one who always shows up and never complains? Your dog is a built-in exercise buddy. Exercising together benefits both of you in terms of general health and strengthening your bond. It’s an engaging, shared activity – perfect for bonding and boosting that heart rate!

Promoting obedience

Increasing your dog’s activity level could be the key to improving their obedience. When you spend time playing with your dog and teaching them new things, you’re strengthening your bond. Time spent together builds trust and improves your relationship on all fronts. And let’s not forget, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Teaching social skills

It’s important your dog learns how to play well with others. Quality time at the dog park promotes socialization and ensures that dogs – especially the youngsters – are getting enough exercise.

Stimulating the mind

A well-structured, creative exercise routine provides not only physical benefits, but mental ones, too. Teaching your dog a new game or activity to jumpstart the mental engine forces them to dig out their thinking cap and put that brain to work.

Building confidence

As with humans, regular exercise improves your dog's confidence and reduces their anxiety. If you have a shy dog, you can help them by offering the right amount of exercise every day. They will start being more outgoing and happy.

Making sure your dog is active is another good reminder to do so in a safe way. Ensure your dog is not overheating by reading the CoolderDog Dog Blog regarding how to keep your dog hydrated, the dangers of heat stress and dogs, how to cool down a Husky, and most importantly, how CoolerDog effectively helps dogs. Dog Safety is so important!


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